This Year Celebrate Diwali with Traditional way

Oct 25 2016|Lab,Chandigarh

City residents are in a joyous and happy mood to celebrate the festival of lights-“Diwali”. All markets are well decorated and crowd to be seen everywhere. Sales have been started on many brands, sweet shops are set to cheer you with good taste and aroma of sweets and markets are all set to décor your home with a huge range of products. You can choose gift hampers from sweet shops to gift on Diwali as well.

On this auspicious day, Lord Rama and Goddess Sita came back to Ayodhya after 14 years after assassination of immoral king Ravana. The townsfolk of Ayodhya had been welcome them with lightening up the city with diyas.

People supposed to gift sweets to relatives, friends and neighbor. This is the festival of Goddess Laxmi so people worship Goddess Laxmi and God Ganesha as well as lighten their houses with lamps to welcome them. Traditionally, clay diyas are used for lightening every corner of the home. People clean every corner of the house, some paints their house, decorate home by Rangoli, wall hangings and other decorative items, buy new clothes for the family, keep clay gharaunda (symbolic house) at worship place and cicatrization it with sweets. It is believed that cicatrization of gharaunda will keep the family healthy, wealthy and happy.

Crackers and fireworks are also been the part of the festival, but considering Global Warming we must avoid these. It is only us who can save the environment for our future generation. So please do not buy Crackers and fireworks as it causes air pollution.

May the glow of the diyas light your path towards progress and continued success We wish you a very Happy Diwali to all our viewers.

Writer-Nidhi Kaushik